Accountants @ Law (A@L) are South Africa's leading independent, niche forensic accountants and litigation support specialists.

Litigation Support Services

  • Quantification of damages and valuations of businesses and estates
  • Investigative accounting including fraud, misconduct, insolvency, due diligence, corporate governance and distressed investment/lending reviews
  • Forensic accounting litigation support and expert witness services for dispute resolution

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Arising from its extensive experience in forensic accounting, banking and credit risk management, Accountants at Law (A@L) has launched a new specialist division, Accounts Receivable Risk Management (ARRM).

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Transaction Analysis and Validation (TAV)

Due to the pervasive fraud risk that corporates face, A@L has designed TAV to deconstruct the underlying financial statement data for purposes of conducting independent and rigorous analysis of such transactional data, and validating such transactional data against third-party sources. This analysis and validation serves as a basis for enhanced Corporate Governance and identification of early warning signs of potential risks of fraud and/or questionable transactions affecting an entity.